Easy Car Paint Maintenance Tips to Last

Easy Car Paint Maintenance Tips to Last

Without good care, our favorite car paint will quickly fade, dull, moldy, beret2 so unsightly. Although our car is not the latest alias is old, but if the look of kinclong paint, clean, wetlook there must be pride in appearing on the road / parked between cars = cars that are still new. Here I copy the post how to take care of car paint as follows:

Keeping the car paint to look more shiny and keeping it durable and longer takes time and effort and maintains the habit of using the car. be it when in washing, cleaning the car and others.

In some cases, car paint can beret, foam, scratched and so on due to the negligence of the car owner in maintaining car paint so that sometimes many people are willing to pay a lot to return their car paint as before.

However, this could have been prevented by the care of car paint that will be discussed in the following car paint care tips.

Easy Car Paint Maintenance Tips to Last

How to take care of the car to be more durable and avoid various early damage to car paint is actually easy to do if the owner follows some tips to take care of the following car paint, namely:

  1. Avoid sunlight, As much as possible avoid car paint from direct sunlight, When washing the car is recommended in the morning or evening when the sunlight is not too pungent.
  2. Use a special car wash, Avoid using detergent to wash the car and use a special wash that is intended for car paint not for dishwashers, clothes and others.
  3. When exposed to animal excrement, be it birds, bats and others. As soon as possible cleaned and washed thoroughly. Don't wait too long if you don't want the dirt to seep into the car paint and make the paint damaged.
  4. Parking in the shade, It may often be neglected to look for a parking space should be more selective to avoid direct sunlight so that the car paint is more durable and the color does not fade.
  5. When washing the car, immediately flush the soap foam attached to the car paint. Do not take too long to be left because it has the potential to cause stain spots on the car paint.

To take care of car paint more durable of course depends on how routinely you clean the paint on your car. So at least every day always maintained cleanliness of car paint. Because the longer it allows dirt or dust to stick to the car becomes one of the main causes of damage to car paint.


In addition to car paint, glass also needs to be maintained to always be clean. here also I coffee tips on caring for car glass: 
Car glass is part of the car that serves to keep us from heat and rain. Indirectly the windshield is able to maintain our safety and certainly affect comfort when driving.

It is necessary to pay special attention to take care of the windshield so that it does not dewy, opaque, scratched and oily so as not to disturb the view while driving.

How to clean the windshield properly and correctly and easily done is one of the things that must be done to take care of the windshield to avoid blurry, dewy, scratched or oily car glass.

6 How to clean the windshield here is quite easy to do. It takes several steps to do it as follows:
  1. Do not use Chemicals or Alcohol. When wiping do not think to use both materials to clean the car film glass because it does not make the car glass clean but quite the opposite, can damage the function of heat suppression and cause blur on the windshield.
  2. Use a soft, clean rag. When there is dirt, it has the potential to make the glass become beret and scratched.
  3. Wiping the glass in the direction, It is highly recommended and avoid wiping the glass by turning. Because, wiping the glass by turning can cause scratches on the glass when there is sand attached to the glass.
  4. When it rains, to avoid mold immediately wipe the dew that is in the glass of the inner car.
  5. Pay attention to the dirt on the sidelines of the rubber window, This dirt has the potential to make a glass beret film the car when not cleaned.
  6. Clean the glass 2 times a day. To avoid sticking dirt for too long.
For better and safer maintenance of car glass use, it is recommended to use a fine glass cleaning cloth or a special cloth to clean the windshield such as kanebo. As well as regular maintenance to clean the windshield every day so as to avoid more severe damage to the windshield caused by foam, dew and moldy.
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