Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

With any car, you’ll want to keep it looking like the day you drove it off the lot. One way to do that is by maintaining the paint job. Here are six tips to keeping your vehicle’s paint in tip-top shape.

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to keep new car paint looking new is pretty simple, and it can make a huge difference. It all boils down to knowing what to do and what not to do with your car’s paint.

Wash Your Car Regularly

This one might seem obvious, but it has to be said. It’s awfully easy to let more and more time go between car washes as we get busy. But car paint maintenance doesn’t go far without putting this one into practice.

Stay Away from Car Washes

This is where regular car paint maintenance gets more involved. You need to wash it regularly to get the dirt and minerals off your car, which damage the paint. The key is to do it by hand to avoid other damage, though. Car washes are hard on paint and can do a lot of damage with rough brushes and sprays.

Make Sure You Dry Your Car

Letting your car drip dry after washing can lead to paint damage. It can also make it look like you didn’t even wash it. This is especially true on hot days when the water dries quickly and can leave water spots. When that water does evaporate off your car, it leaves minerals behind that can wear and scratch your paint. Get them off with a soft towel.

Wax On

Waxing your car after washing helps keep debris off and out of your paint. It also makes your car shine and look amazing. Hand wax every three months or at least twice a year using wash mitt and microfiber towel and high-quality wax.

Watch Where You Park

The last thing you want after washing and waxing your car is for debris or blotches to get on it. You can help keep your car looking clean by parking carefully. Watch out for places like under trees where debris, sap, and other messes can land on your paint.

Contact Us For Paint Correction & Other Services

You can keep your car looking sparkling clean and brand new with a little regular, loving care. For your bigger auto body needs, contact Cascade Collision for our auto body repair services. Get a quote and get your questions answered today.

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