10 Tips to Play Among Us To Become Impostors

10 Tips to Play Among Us To Become Impostors
Among us.....!!! Games that teach us about teamwork as well as betrayal.even so this game went viral and attracted the attention of young people and was able to rank first in downloads on the Google Play store.

Among us is a game that must be played online at least 4 to 10 players which later players are divided into two roles, namely Impostors and Crewmates each have a task in the game.

Impostors, whose mission is to kill Crewmates without being caught and sabotage crewmates' missions. You must have the ability to make the most perfect alibi possible in order to win the game.

Crewmates must be able to identify and eliminate Impostors while completing the tasks available on the map in order to win the game.

I'm going to share 10 tips for becoming an Imposter

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10 Tips Impostors Among Us

10 Tips Bermain Among Us Untuk Menjadi Impostors
Our job as Impostors is to trick people into thinking that we are one of them and secretly kill crewmates. Making accusations and trying to hide the suspicions of others. All this while preparing a good alibi to support my fellow Impoters.

1. Lock the Door Before You Kill

Sabotage is the best friend to Impostors. Go into the room and pretend you're completing a task. Then when someone comes to complete a task, lock them up, and make sure the situation is safe. Lampiaskan lust kill us and then go out looking for a safe path and far from where the victim is.

2. Earn Crewmates Trust

Letting crewmates live is a good way to make sure they coexist with us. If you've helped them repair oxygen or reactors (a task for 2 people), they'll be less likely to think we can be trusted.

3. Prioritize Killing Safe People

There are certain tasks in the game that offer animations for people to see. Anyone who has seen this task safely. And if we end up being the last 4 with 2 safe players. This opportunity is very detrimental to you. Always consider the person you killed. Make sure that anyone who is proven safe is a priority target for you to kill. But it will be difficult to kill them because good teammates stay close to safe players.

4. Guarantee victory

If we are the only killer left and there are 2 players at the beginning of the round, or if there are 2 killers and 4 players left. The game is over. All we need to do is at the beginning of the rotation activate the reactor or emergency oxygen. As a result, players are unable to have emergency meetings due to the crisis. Let us kill crewmates after our cooldown kill is over.

5. Do the Task

There will come a time when we need to justify what task we have done among the players. If we stand in a place where there is no task or give the wrong description of the task we "do", we will be removed from the airlock faster than we say "I am not an Impoters."

10 Tips Bermain Among Us Untuk Menjadi Impostors

6. Accuse other players if we are seen

If anyone else sees us killing anyone. Practically that's our end. But if that happens, then try to press the report first. And insist that we're the ones who really see them doing the action. At this point, the odds are 50/50 people can side with us and most likely we are not suspected of being Impostors.

7. Use Sabotage

Sabotage is great for disbanding groups. This allows us to control the game. For example, we kill someone in navigation (center-right), then we sabotage the reactor (right side), the last place will usually return to navigation afterwards. Then you can go help sabotage and other players to guarantee that we've been there.

8. Kill in the Crowd

People mistake that the best way to win the game is not always to be with the group. But still we can be suspected. It's better that we as Impostors stand very close together. All we have to do is turn off the lights. Run into the crowd, and press the kill button. Anyone in that group of people was likely an Impostors. So run away, kill someone and start pointing the accused at others. This only works if there are 4 or more players.

9. Destroy the lights

The lights on the map can be turned off, To turn off the lights is my favorite sabotage. It renders the other player's vision useless. We can kill someone in the dark and run to the nearest vent and people, nobody will know who killed. Don't kill anyone in the same place when we turn off the lights. Travel as far as possible from that point, and find someone to guarantee your existence.

Note that everyone's perspective is always different during the next discussion. If you believe you've ever seen someone when the lights go out, then this can be a good alibi.

10. Work with other Impoters

If we both go into a room and two people run in, watch what the other Impostors are doing. We can lock the door quickly, kill twice and escape through the vents.
But on the other hand, we risk being found guilty of killing each other if we play too close to the other Impostors.

Next article discusses 10 tips for becoming Crewmates


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