5 Ways to Play Magic with Simple Tricks, Guaranteed to Make Friends Stunned

5 Ways to Play Magic with Simple Tricks, Guaranteed to Make Friends Stunned

There are times when you are confused about having to think again when you are gathering with your friends. Or maybe you want to entertain a little boy, but don't know how.

The chat material is up, the snacks are also drained. Want to try to entertain by playing magic, but do not know the right way or trick to look charming.

Well, that's why try to learn some of the following magic tricks to warm the atmosphere of getting together with your friends! 

Although the tricks below are simple, they look "wow" in front of the eyes of people who don't know the secret. Curious? Come on, take a good look!

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1. Not perfect your magic session if there is no card guessing game yet!

Magic is synonymous with astonishing card games. To the extent that almost all movie or comic characters whose themes are magicians must have been depicted playing cards in their tricks. So, it's natural to say not afdol magic you if you have not managed to amaze the audience with a trick card.
  • Prepare a set of quartet cards, shake stylishly to make your look more convincing.
  • Ask one of your friends or volunteers to draw one card between decks. He's enough to know what it is. Anyway don't forget the acting of magicians on TV that is yes.
  • Have him return the card on top of the stack of cards you have collected.  Quietly try to look at the very bottom of the deck of cards. Sssttt! Don't get caught, do it casually and quickly. Distract the audience with a joke about your magic tricks.
  • Divide the deck of cards into two and move the deck of cards that were once below so upwards.
  • Open one by one your stack of cards. Don't forget to act like you're reading your friend's memory.
  • Open it until you find the bottom card you are looking at, before the stack of cards is halved and moved into position.
  • The next card after the card, must be the card that your friend first picked up.
Show your discovery card to the audience and watch the face of admiration of your volunteers!

2. Classic but always interesting, the trick of eliminating coins in your hand is worth practicing.

In addition to cards, another way or trick in playing magic is to use coins. Coin money games are a classic but always interesting trick. 

Starting from eliminating it, doubling it or the trick of transporting goods to other places is commonly done with coins. Since you are still a beginner, you should try the following easy tricks first. Pierce the palm of the hand with coins.

  • First prepare two identical coins. But show one to the audience. The other one you have pinched between the base between the thumb and the index finger of your left hand.
  • Don't forget your left hand that is clamping should be slightly conched so that the thumb is not visible.
  • In the right hand, show the coin and tell the audience that you will make it through your left palm. Pretend to be looking for a soft spot so that the coin can pass easily.
  • The coin in the right hand won't actually penetrate your flesh (yes yes), it just needs to be pulled up, hidden behind your right palm. When the coin is pushed and the fingers of your right hand drop until it collides with the top of your left palm, that's the momentum in which the coin in your right hand pulls with a thumb to hide behind the right palm.
  • Remove the coin that was from the beginning wedged in the left hand so that it was as if the coin had fallen through your hand!
If you are flexible in doing quick hand movements typical of great magicians, this trick will look very impressive like the tricks of illusionists on television.

3. Wow, with this trick 'mind reading' is not as difficult as you might think.

If you want to look more cool because you can 'read the mind' of your friends, try this one mind reading trick. It's easy, but the results can make your friends stunned.

  • Have your friend choose one number from 1 to 10 in his heart. Ask him to multiply that number by the number 2. Then add the number 8 to the multiplication result.
  • After that divide the last two numbers, then subtract by the first number your friend chooses. Just tell him to count in his head and you can't know.
  • When you're done counting, tell your friend to think of the name of a country in Europe (not Asia, or any other continent). Must be European. Hehe) whose front letter begins with a letter that is the same sequence as the number inside his head. So for example, 1 equals A, 2 equals B, 3 equals C and so on.
  • After that ask him to think of the name of the animal whose front letter begins with the letter after the letter previously used to determine the name of the country.
  • ... Actually, it's not important for you to know what letter and country he's thinking about. All you have to do is answer it with
“... I know, your number is 4. The country in your mind is Denmark and the beast you think of is the Eagle."

BAM! Guaranteed to succeed and make your friends astonished.

4. Make your audience stunned by bringing together two paper clips without touching them at all.

Paper clips that usually look trivial you can use to make your friends stunned. To put two paper clips together in the air you just need the help of a piece of money!

Here's how to easily play magic by using the trick of two paper clips:

  • First of all of course you need two paper clips and a rectangular piece of paper. Let's just use paper money. Fold the money you have prepared into three folds, resembling the letter Z, until the money has the top layer of the middle layer and the bottom layer.
  • Attach one of the clips so that it clamps the top and middle layers, placing it close to the open end of the money on top.
  • Attach the rest of the clip so that it clamps the bottom and middle layers, pulling it also so that it is close to the open end below.
  • If both are installed, make a la magician movement that is, show the state of the paper clip and money that you have pinched earlier in theatrical style towards them.
  • Date each end of the money so that the money stretches. When you do this step, the two paper clips will be thrown and unite in the air.
Tuing! When you fall in front of your audience, the two completely separate paper clips will be linked together! It was as if there was a magical force uniting it in the air. Whoo, it's you!

5. Apparently you can also do magic count that is often done by 'mentalists' on television.

"Look me in the eye... I'll guess the number in your mind and your age now..."

If you have ever watched magic shows that had been crowded on national TV, you must know about this magic. 

It's a magic where a 'mentalist' will tell the audience, even the person at home, to think of a number he'll guess later. You can also try this simple trick.

Instruct your audience to think of a number between the numbers 1 and 10, but in addition to the numbers 1 and 10.

Tell them to multiply the selected number by the number 2. So for example the number 9 multiplied by 2 equals 18. 

Oh yes, don't forget acting as if you had to concentrate greatly to choose this step example: "Now add... Hmm no-no, multiply that number by the number two!"

  • Tell your audience to add the number 5 to the previous multiplication result. 18 + 5 = 23! This is an important number. After that ask your audience to multiply it by the number 50. 23 x 50 = 1150, let it look magical so random.
  • Add the magic element by asking your audience to add the numbers 1763 or 1764 to the last multiplication result. How do I determine it? If this year your friend has birthday tell him to change 1764 to the number of the count. If he's not birthday this year, add 1763. For example your friend had a birthday last month, so the number is 1150 + 1764 = 2914
  • Subtract the last number by the year of birth of the audience. For example, your friend was born in 1988, tell him to reduce his count to 1988. 2914 - 1988 = 926
  • Ask how much the final result of the count is. With this number you can know your friend's first choice number and his age! The front number is the first number chosen between 1 to 10, while the two digits behind it are your friend's current age! 926 means he is 26 years old and picked the number 9.
Pretend to think hard as if you're trying to read his mind. Then try kroscek with the audience about your answer and see how he reacts when he hears it. May he be fascinated instead of being afraid of you, especially if he is your crush.

Here are 5 easy ways you can do to play magic and entertain those closest to you? How is it, exciting not surprising your friends and audience with these easy tricks? Although easy and simple but if you exercise a lot then the tricks above will look no less cool than shown by the big magicians.
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