Tips for Those Who Are Still Confused About Choosing a College Major

Tips for Those Who Are Still Confused About Choosing a College Major
Tips for Those Who Are Still Confused About Choosing a College Major - Various questions about choosing a suitable college major must have been crossed by students who had just graduated from school and wanted to continue to the college level.

Not only the number of universities that number in the thousands in Indonesia but the various college majors that exist must be confused to choose which one is suitable to be designated as a berth.

Quoted from the Instagram Directorate of Vocational and Professional Dikti in @diktivokasi, Friday (21/5), diktivokasi wrote, "Which department should I take?" "How many college majors are there?" "How to determine the right college major?" and various other questions about majors / college programs that can make you upset.

The above questions may often cross the minds of Gen Z who are going to college. If you are still confused, check out tips on choosing a suitable and suitable college major for your future below.

1. Understand interests and talents.

When faced with a list of college majors that must be chosen, either from ortu or self-choice, we need the right reason to choose.

How to choose a college major is certainly different from the way we choose the food menu or mobile phone theme that if when we bosen can immediately change the theme. But what about college majors?

That's why we need to know what interests and talents we have. It is this knowledge that can help us determine the major in college.

A good understanding of ourselves is what can make us survive various challenges when learning about new knowledge and skills in college later.

2. Conduct research on selected college majors.

How to determine this one college major can help you who really want to study in what major. Yes, do your own research, Smart Buddy. Know how many college majors there are.

Learn each field of science, its alumni prospects and other things that feel important to know.

Study and compare, compare the list of college majors that you have.

Learn all facts. These steps can help you drop your choice of college major. This method can be applied when we have a line of college majors to choose from, whether it's your own choice or ortu recommendations.

3. Consult with experienced/professional close people in the world of work.

Discuss the various college major options that exist today with experts. For example, educational psychologists. Or a discussion with someone close to you can also untangle a tangle in your head, buddy.

Those with experience and capacity can give us fresh new viewpoints and knowledge.
Even better if we can combine two ways to choose this college major at the same time. Use the research results as a discussion. Wouldn't the result be better?

4. Understand the advantages and consequences of choice.

Bear in mind, nothing's perfect. Same with college. It could be a major in college A according to your interests but the job prospects are somewhat less attractive.
Or vice versa, there are B college majors whose fields of science are less interesting but your ability is quite good there.

No matter how good the choice we make, there will still be shortcomings there. That's why, knowing the consequences of the choice of college major taken is important. Don't just look at the positive side or the benefits, buddy.
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