7 Right Hairstyles to Cover Chubby Cheeks and Make Your Face Look Thin

 In addition to making the appearance more fresh and beautiful, the hairstyle is also you can use to cover chubby cheek areas and make the face look thin. Don't get the hair wrong, yes. Because some styles can actually make the face look more rounded. Here, peek at the right 7 hairstyles to cover chubby cheeks and make the face look thin following.

1. Layer

Layer pieces in your long hair can give a level effect that makes the face look thin. The hair trap on the front can also cover your chubby cheek area.

2. Long bob

Bob hairstyles can also be formed in your medium hair. Give a little wave and choose the cleavage to the edges to cover one side of your cheeks.

3. Medium wave

One more style choice for those of you who have medium hair. Give a wave at the front of the hair and style the midravage to make the proportions of your cheeks flat and look thin.

4. See-through bang

Rare bangs or see-through bangs can have a mysterious, sweet effect on your face. Drop a few strands on the edge of the hair to cover chubby cheeks, like the following Suzy.

5. Short bob

Let your short bob haircut fall perfectly on the face. This model is highly recommended for those of you who want a face shape so it looks more oblong. Just look at the following example.

6. Flat bangs

If you combine a flat bang cut with medium or long hair, your chubby cheeks can be covered perfectly. Give a little volume at the bottom to distract from your cheeks.

7. Ombre

Ombre hairstyles make the focus fall on your hair color at the bottom and create the right volume. It can also help take your eyes off your chubby cheeks and make them look thin.

Good luck with the hair on top and being thin with cheeks that are no longer chubby in an instant.
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