Tips for Free Hotel Stay

Tips for Free Hotel Stay

 Tips for Free Hotel Stay

The trick is a barter system, especially if you're a content creator. This post is a bit of a response from a comment that came to the blog ohayotrick. Unfortunately his comments brought spam, so it was forced to be deleted.

When chatting with the marketing section, one of the topics discussed is the presence of influencers today, especially celebgrams. One side is positive for marketing, one side is negative and it backfires when it is too much.

In the chat, the marketer apparently told about his experience that several times get offers via email from Instagram users. They want to stay for free when visiting a place. Of course not all are welcome.

The hotel is listening

This listening language means reading emails sent by Instagram account owners who offer themselves as we intended before.

Although it is not easy, the decision of the hotel will be selected for sure, we get a fresh wind that how to submit an offer can be done. This is the positive side because the hotel is listening.

If your account has a large following, and is genuine, offer it if you're going to post some parts of the hotel through your Instagram account. Stories are also very interesting, especially when you tell the statistics that open your stories. Including other statistics.

We know that the process will still be difficult. If you match, the offer will be approved if it matches the character of the hotel with your Instagram account or anything else you offer.

Tips for Free Hotel Stay

Understand first how influential you are

This sounds easy to say, but you also have to understand who you are. If you just have an account and other things but don't qualify, then don't expect it. Unless you're an artist, a public figure whose name is known and has experience doing this.

According to the marketer, the Instagram account offered for the stay that had been done even no offers were sent to the hotel email.

The marketer himself is looking for a reference to the account. The shared content is interesting, the number of likes is large and not the fake likes and the characteristic of the account owner (e.g. traveller) is what they are looking for.

So, what about you?

This is an important leak and has already done a lot of creator content, especially Instagram users who are being proposed in the offer. Yes, please submit an offer via email about yourself, your account and your portfolio.

  • If you want to give it a try, you should listen to our advice, here (Instagram)
  • You must have at least a thousand followers. 
  • The number of likes is proportional to the number of followers. If your number of followers is a lot of love a little, that would be a consideration.
  • The posts you put on Instagram are at least interesting and consistent about the themes you post. Like you're a traveller, you consistently put holiday posts instead of photos of you dating and prolonged.
  • Don't overreact to emails that have been sent but never replied to. Maybe your offer is less sreg.
  • If you're familiar with proposals, then be ready with repulsion. Use the best deals to appeal. There may be Youtube accounts as well and so on.
  • In the end, the hotel decides everything. 
  • And don't embarrass yourself.

The last point above is that nowadays many influencers do things as we discussed this. It's not just about free stays, there's more. 

Some bad things because of this happening. Not only in Indonesia, but abroad there. We recommend that, learning from these terrible events, do not embarrass yourself when your offer is rejected. We have to understand the conditions and the situation as well.

Nowadays social media, such as Instagram to Youtube, and bloggers can be used as a portfolio that can be used as a cooperation offer. You can get facilities or products for free just by posting successful activity to your social media accounts.

This tip that we provide, is a fresh wind for those of you who have never done it. Take advantage of your social media from now on. Build interesting content according to your passion and of course, your personal branding. Please try if you are confident, and pay attention to our suggestions that we have shared above.

Editor: Alber

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