Here's Tips to Upload TikTok Videos Up to 1 Minute

Here's Tips to Upload TikTok Videos Up to 1 Minute

Here's Tips to Upload TikTok Videos Up to 1 Minute

It's been over 2 months since we joined tiktok social media platform. Lots of interesting things that inspired us there. And this time, we want to give interesting tips on the duration of TikTok videos that can be uploaded more than the normal time, 15 seconds.

Since joining, we've found several accounts that can upload videos up to 1 minute long. We think it's only natural to see the number of followers being above average.

Just like Instagram, when more than 10 thousand followers, they have a special feature that can not be used by users who have not gained the number of followers as we mentioned earlier. Youtube also has exclusive features for susbscriber above average.

Install the latest TikTok app

Actually, how to extend the duration of TikTok videos up to 1 minute we get from Youtube video uploads. Many shared these tips there.

It's easy, actually, by installing the latest version of tiktok app. We ourselves are Android users, so we recommend that these tips be understood by the same user.

What's different from the TikTok app available on the Play Store? Somehow, the app provided there is intended for users who can only upload 15-second videos.

While using elsewhere, here is the apk provider, can take advantage of fitu upload more than 15 minutes. Yes, we can upload TikTok videos in 1 minute. No need to have super followers.

Here's Tips to Upload TikTok Videos Up to 1 Minute


Let's try it. Go to the site and search for the TikTok app in the search field. When using a PC browser, the search field is at the top right. Or if you don't want to be complicated, go here to go directly to the search on site.

We tried the previous version ourselves, and since there is an updated version, TikTok Version 11.7.4, we discarded the old version. To know the file size reaches 80MB more, so you have to prepare a room for it.

Download the app if you're interested in trying. Wait a moment, and then install it as usual. Error with not being able to install on your phone, we don't know the exact reason. It may be a device issue or insufficient memory.

We hope to make it here. And now it's time to try. Login first with an existing account, such as you are a previous user. If not, please register as usual.

Here's Tips to Upload TikTok Videos Up to 1 Minute

What's the difference with the official app on the Play Store?

So, the applications that are already installed from other site providers have a little interesting difference for us. The official application is not removed. That means there are two TikTok apps on our phone.

The official TikTok app via Play Store has an Indonesian segment. So we will meet a lot of accounts from Indonesia. Fun of course, if you like it.

The duration for the official application is certainly only 15 seconds. Users are challenged to be more creative with these limitations. From the beginning it was actually this standard duration given.

Moving to the app version outside the Play Store, we will meet with users from many countries. The good thing is that we are more inspired, learn a lot from them, especially the creative side of managing videos. Things and more make us want to make things like them, too.

The duration of the video is certainly more than 15 seconds or a maximum of 1 minute. When you have more desire about duration, the option is to install this version of TikTok.

The look is also slightly different. Let's say TikTok is global and local (play store version). About the interesting side, depending on each user. We love everything.

This is our most particular concern when uploading videos between globa and local versions. Local version, our uploaded video got a good response. Like viewers, love/like and comments.

On the contrary the global version, it is very difficult alias in contrast to the Indonesian version. Maybe you should think about this as well as just looking for as much love as possible.

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