Welcome back to the blog Cara1Computer (CK). Blogs that discuss about computer tutorials, IT tutorials, Ohayo Tricks tutorials, microsoft excel tutorials, blog tutorials, youtube tutorials, adsense tutorials and other tutorials. Everything that feels useful must be admin share on this blog. Okey this time in the blog CK admin will talk about THE DAY Formula Function In Microsoft Excel.

This is an advanced tutorial of the complete microsoft excel formula that the admin had previously written on the Cara1Computer (CK) blog a few days ago. As the admin promised that will write articles learn microsoft excel to proficient in the blog Cara1Computer. Ms.excel tutorial here will present admin with sample images to make it easier to understand by you and this tutorial deliberately admin presents discussing one by one formulas of microsoft excel with sample images and explanations so that you are more detailed to understand it. First read the understanding and differences of Cell, Row, Range here. Okey just go straight to bembahasan:

Formula functions in microsoft excel are very easy for you in the world of work. Because with us listing formulas in a cell, and when the data one day changes, then the cell that we have listed the formula will automatically change with the right calculation. Many formulas are presented in microsoft excel and this time the admin will talk about the DAY formula whose function is to search for days from the date type data (looking for days in numbers 1-31). Okey that's the understanding of the DAY formula function in microsoft excel, now let's practice so that you are easier to understand it.

Design the table first as shown below:

In the example table above, the DAY column in cell B4 is filled with the number 21. That means, the day of the date in cell A4 is 21 or the 21st. That's an example of a simple table that admins intentionally created to make it easier for you. Please if you have a table with many contents, you can list the formulas. For how to fill the formula is as follows:

  • Place the cursor in cell B4.
  • Then fill in the following formula =DAY(A4).
  • The way to read it is, show what date from the date we specified.
  • For additional tricks, if you want to blog a lot of cells in microsoft excel, use shift in keyboar. For example you want to blog Cell C4 to C200. Then, place your cursor in cell C4 then scrol down and press Shift on the keyboard and click cell C200. Then Cell C4 to C200 will be blocked easily.

That is the explanation as well as an example of the use of the DAY formula function in microsoft excel. Such is the tutorial that admins can share on the blog Cara1Computer (CK) this time. Hopefully the tutorial DAY Formula Function In Microsoft Excel that admin wrote on the blog Cara1Computer (CK) this time can be useful. Good luck and thank you.

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