4 Things That Cause Your Car Engine Noise Rude and Noisy

4 Things That Cause Your Car Engine Noise Rude and Noisy
4 Things That Cause Your Car Engine Noise Rude and Noisy

4 Things That Cause Your Car Engine Noise Rude and Noisy

  • Lack of Oil In Car Engines
  • Rough-Sounding Car Air Conditioner Compressor
  • Problematic Car Bearings
  • Problems With Belts

 If you've ever had problems with your favorite car that makes a rude and noisy car engine sound? There are several causes that make your comfort is disturbed, there are certainly some things that must be checked.

As is known, the car as a whole consists of several complicated components that affect each other. All of these components will rotate and rub against each other.

Well, due to friction between 2 or more objects can produce sound. Some sound weak, normal, and some are rude or noisy. At first, you'll think that the rough noise came from the car's engine.

However, after investigation it turns out that the problem is not necessarily your car's engine. As reported from the FIX CAR MODS page, there are several causes of the appearance of rough noise on your car, among others:

Lack of Oil In Car Engines

If the oil in your car has started to decrease in number, then its performance to reduce friction between components in the car will also be reduced. As a result, there is a source of rough noise on your car.

A feature of the onset of rough noise due to the lack of oil in your car is the sound source coming from the top of the valve setting. This is usually due to an oil leak, so the oil is easily depleted or due to worn out piston ring conditions.

If you have heard such a loud noise, do not leave it, as it can cause more damage to your beloved car.

Rough-Sounding Car Air Conditioner Compressor

The most easily identifiable feature of where the rough noise on your car comes from is the rough noise that appears when the car's air conditioner is turned on. There are several causes of the appearance of such rude sounds. Starting from the car's air conditioner compressor oil that is running low, or because of the amount of dirt in the car's air conditioner compressor.

To solve if this problem occurs is relatively easy enough. Just do the flushing. However it is not enough just flushing, need some other action. This includes the replacement of some components of your car.

Problematic Car Bearings

Ever heard the buzzing sound continuously and get louder when RPM goes up? Or when your car's engine is hot? If this happens, then it is certain that the problem is the bearing of your car. There are several kinds of bearings in the car such as tensioners, alternators, idlers, compressors, and water pumps.

However, due to the large number of bearings in the car. We're pretty hard to determine which bearings are problematic. If so, then you need the services of a workshop to find out exactly the exact source of the problem of your bearings. Usually the workshop uses a special tool called sound scope to find out where the source of this problem came from.

Problems With Fan Belts Or Belts

Fan Belt or people refer to it as a belt or fan strap is a component that connects one pull with another. The belt connects the radiator fan rotation with the alternator and air conditioning compressor.

Some of the problems that often occur in car belts include dirty fan straps, dry fan straps, damage to fan straps, or the size of fan straps that do not fit.

Indicators for fan strap drying problems or poorly fitting fan strap sizes can be found if you hear a squeak. If you hear it, then it is recommended to be repaired immediately to the workshop. Because if it is constantly left, the fan strap will be removed and broken in the middle of the road, which will result in the crash of your car's engine in the middle of the road.

Don't underestimate the rude or noisy noise coming from the car's engine, because if it's constantly left it can cause your car to break down in the middle of the road. Therefore, it is very important to conduct regular checks and services on the vehicle in order to minimize various problems that occur while on the road.

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