3 Tricks for Filling Holidays to Reduce Stress

Tricks for Filling Holidays to Reduce Stress

  Tricks for Filling Holidays to Reduce Stress

Stress is a health problem. Yes, be aware or not, stress can trigger a wide variety of dangerous diseases that threaten our lives. Not only will it harm health, stress can also cause us to experience a decrease in productivity so that it fails to compete in the business world or the world of work.

Going on vacation or traveling is one of the modern lifestyle choices that are often taken to reduce stress. But unfortunately, traveling to various tourist destinations often costs a little. In fact, not all of us have enough money to go for a walk. Therefore, it needs alternatives that can save budget while also helping to reduce stress or not provide entertainment that can make us feel happy.

Join a health event

Various health events that are usually held by the government or private companies such as Mayora, ranging from healthy road activities, relaxing bicycles, gymnastics together, or other activities related to competitive sports, you should not miss.

Because, activities like this in addition to being able to bring happiness and can be used as an alternative to fill the holiday, can also be relied on to maintain and improve our mental and physical health. By diligently moving, the body will be maintained health and many diseases that can be prevented by routinely moving or doing activities.

Well, for those of you who often feel lazy to move or exercise, participating in activities in the form of sports events is one way that you can try to motivate yourself to want to exercise. Sports events can also be used to educate themselves to be willing to maintain health because health is very important in this modern era.
3 Tricks for Filling Holidays to Reduce Stress

Drink healthy water

As we already know, water has a very important role in keeping our body working optimally. Therefore, we are always recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water per day outside the intake of liquids derived from vegetables and fruits. The choice of healthy water that should be consumed every day is mineral-rich water, which should be boiled until boiling before drinking.

Unfortunately, in major cities, water sources are not always ideal for use as drinking water. Because, in addition to often dirty and smelly, water in some regions in Indonesia sometimes contains chlorine that can be detrimental to health if consumed continuously.

Therefore, when the source of water is not good enough to be used as drinking water. It's a good idea to look for other alternatives. For example, by buying bottled water.

This bottled water as far as I know, is very good to maintain health because it is taken directly from a source of water that is guaranteed cleanliness and contains very rich minerals.

Get used to a healthy breakfast in the morning

There are still not many Indonesians who realize the importance of consuming a healthy breakfast in the morning before the activity. In fact, many indonesians consider breakfast to be detrimental to them. Whether it's on the grounds that it can cause them stomach pains to reasons of not getting used to.

Getting used to breakfast will not only provide enormous benefits for health, but also can support our activities to be more maximal. For example, students or employees who have breakfast in the morning can concentrate better, have greater support, and will not feel starved until lunchtime.

Breakfast is not just a meal, but the food consumed needs to be chosen. If possible, choose only foods rich in nutrients (many containing nutrients and minerals) in addition to containing carbohydrates as a source of energy. So, in addition to getting used to breakfast in the morning before the activity, we are also strongly advised to provide a healthy breakfast for yourself and family.
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